About Us

Artist & Owner of The Rocking Horse, Sallie Felton. 

As a former international radio talk show host, author, speaker and professional life coach, there were times when I needed to decompress. AND voila…the Rocking Horse was birthed.

Now, after 18 years, I have been embellishing Santas on the side doing private home shows, art shows, holiday bazaars, holiday barn events and consignments. 

Christmas has always been a favorite of mine, a time of giving and sharing. I found this downtime and quiet creativity a perfect prescription. No matter what season, one can find me in my “workshop AKA North Pole” knee deep in glue, embellishments and snow sprinkles, all with a huge smile on my face!

You will find no two Santas alike. Each have their own dash of whimsy. When asked to do a custom Santa, either to benefit a charity organization, a parent or child, my wheels start turning.

And now, I am so excited to unveil my new website to make these Santas available to you and yours! Feel free to ask me what I can create for you!